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in Eastern Europe, China and Turkey



[download enrollment applications on-line]

WHY VOLUNTEER WITH BFE? BFE Has a 501(c)(3) status in the US. In Canada it is registered with Canadian Charities tax registration #853426971 RR 0001. Volunteering is tax deductible!

Bridges for Education is the ONLY volunteer service educational program that is not a religious or ethnic group and which organizes International Peace and language programs. We are also the ONLYeducational program that provides scholarships for students to attend our camps. Please see Scholarships to learn more. Our programs include students from many different countries. 39 countries have participated in the BFE camps as of summer 2008. This variety adds so much to their language speaking skills and development of tolerance and understanding. Read our Recommendations page.

Bridges for Education works very hard to prepare an excellent program to maintain our fine reputation for providing a quality program with quality teachers. Your living and teaching facilities are inspected by a BFE representative and must meet BFE high standards while recognizing local realities. All BFE Camp Directors must attend the BFE Annual Leadership Training Conference where they review the BFE Contract, and Camp Director´s manual and discuss ways to improve the program. BFE Group Leaders are experienced teachers who participated in the BFE program at least for one year. The BFE Executive Director personally selects them with recommendations from other Group Leaders. They receive a BFE Group Leader manual and prepare as a team of Group Leaders for this great responsibility. They are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and training their teams.

Teachers and teaching assistants are trained together using the BFE teacher manual. Teacher lesson plans are critiqued and basic ESL methodology skills are explained. The BFE teams prepare a program prior to departure so they are ready to make effective use of their time and materials as soon as they arrive. BFE teachers know the Group Leader and other members of the team prior to departure. On occasion, based on excellent recommendations and BFE needs, a teacher from another area may be included in a team. However, that teacher is required to attend pre departure training with that team. We believe that very dedicated teachers and very responsible, reliable, international partners together make the BFE programs superior.

Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever does. - Anthropologist Margaret Mead


Payments of Airline ticket and Travel Insurance costs:

  • Airline ticket costs and travel insurance premium cost - to be paid by certified cashiers/bank check or credit card and made out to the appropriate BFE Travel agency.
  • The BFE Group Leader will be informed by the travel agent of the total cost for ticket and insurance for each team member and payment by credit card.

Teachers should include a letter from the teacher indicating the BFEGroup Leader and team and dates of travel stated and signed. Include your home address, telephone and email.


Teachers must have state certification or have successfully taught in a private school or college. Teaching assistants may include educated adults, student teachers and college students. Families with teenagers are welcome. All subject areas are welcome. Additional skills/hobbies are a plus. Native speakers of English are requested; no other language proficiency is required. Teachers must exhibit patience, flexibility, a great sense of humor, openness to new experiences, be outstanding role models and good team players, and have excellent mental and physical health. Teachers must agree to follow all rules of BFE and host country. Costs and requirements for passports and visas, if needed, are the participants' responsibility.

Teachers must agree to follow all rules of BFE and host country. Costs and requirements for passports and visas, if needed, are the participants' responsibility. All teachers selected MUST attend local pre-departure training sessions. BFE requires a written program evaluation at the end of the program.

College Credits/In Service credits

BFE participation may qualify for in-service credit, community service or college credit. Check with your institution. BFE Group Leaders will provide candidates with a letter of acceptance after the application process is completed, and we will provide written evaluations of participation after the BFE program is completed. Outstanding volunteers will receive BFE recommendations.


BFE Group Leader, prior to departure, organizes orientation and educational training sessions in language teaching and preparation. In each country, Bridges for Education negotiates three weeks' room and board in a dormitory while teaching, weekend activities, and a fourth week of travel, which includes room and board, ground transportation, guides and sightseeing, provided by the host country. Bathrooms are usually down the hall and shared. There is no air conditioning. Accommodations may be basic depending on country and school. This is like a "Mini Peace Corps assignment". Please check this site for pictures of each facility and links to country information. Partner countries are confirmed in December/January.


Bridges for Education offers an exceptionally low cost, TAX DEDUCTIBLE international educational opportunity in order to provide service to the developing countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Application forms may be downloaded here.

All contributions to BFE are tax deductible, USA (501(c)(3) status

Payment schedule:

  • $600.00 USD deposit certified bank check is required postmarked & received by BFE before or on March 31, 2010. No personal checks allowed. Non refundable.
  • Final BFE administrative fee payment ($360 USD Europe and $390.00 USD for China) - required postmarked & received by BFE before or on May 01, 2010.
  • Late payment fee of $100.00 per person.
  • Total cost of BFE administrative fee is: $960.00 USD Europe, $990.00 USD for China.
  • Airline costs & travel insurance payment: Credit Card only.
  • Insufficient Funds or bounced check - $50.00 penalty fee. No exceptions.

Cancellation Policy:

Because of the costs to develop these programs, the application deposit of $600.00 USD is non-refundable.

  • Cancelled before May 01, 2010 - Refund final payment only
  • Cancelled after May 01, 2010 - Payment non refundable
  • Airline cancellation penalties to be confirmed by BFE travel agent.

BFE reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. If program cancelled by BFE (1) Before May 1st, , refund of final payment (2) After May 1 - all payments are non refundable. However, please note that if the BFE summer programs are cancelled by our partners after May 01, BFE is in not legally responsible. No refunds will be made of the BFE administrative fee and the airline cancellation penalty after that date.


BFE is the ONLY non profit organization which is not a religious or ethnicgroup and which organizes international camps. Our teachers, who also include educated adults, and teaching assistants( high school and college students) are trained in basic ESL methods and are provided a curriculum development package. We prepare our program as a team before we arrive. This preplanning also sets us apart from any other organization. We show results in English speaking skills. We include lessons and activities on conflict resolution, tolerance, team building, intercultural awareness, volunteerism, human rights, responsibility, initiative, debates, and critical thinking in an active approach. Our students learn much more than English and their parents and teachers tell us this.There have been students who have been in our camps many times.

COMPARE to other programs:

If you have checked around you will know that BFE is also the best program for the price. We offer more. We have the best camp facilities and best partners available. We offer a high level program and have earned a very good reputation. We prepare the teachers, Group Leaders and Camp Directors and the results show. BFE also pays scholarships for Int'l students. No other organization does that. Join BFE for the best experience in your life.


PLEASE NOTE! Teams are recruited locally and train together prior to departure. Group Leaders choose their own teams. Please contact the area representative closest to you.

NOTE:The forms provided below should be filled out and submitted only by US and Canadian citizens who would like to participate in our camps as teachers.

PLEASE mail the completed application form and tax deductible non refundable DEPOSIT of $600.00 USA.
Payable to Bridges for Education, inc to: the BFE Group Leader for the team you will join
Please download, print, complete and mail back to us the following applications:

1. Volunteer Teaching Application
2. Physician's Certificate
3. Recommendations
4. Conditions of Acceptance
5. Thoughts on Teaching

All the applications are in the RTF format (Rich Text Format).

When we receive your application forms and the check a Group Leader will contact you for an interview. Please be patient. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Please understand we cannot accommodate all requests. The organization's needs and teachers' wishes will be taken into account when making final placement.

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